ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ, 11 ΜΑΙΟΥ 2019 – 11:00-13:30

Life Centre

Our body is an entity that holds life, senses, information, experiences and memories.
Our relationship with our body greatly determines our psychology, how we perceive ourselves, how we transfer to our body positive and negative beliefs and how they translate into well-being and illness. Art therapy can bring the person in a non-threatening and more direct way to recognize the dynamics that occur within us when our relationships with our bodies are perceived. It also gives a clearer picture of false beliefs and hence the search for improvement and healing begins. 
Through art therapy you will then be able to express yourself through art materials and use your creativity to increase your understanding of the feelings and thoughts and to improve your relationship with the body.
Other benefits include:
  • Trust of imagination and instinct
  • Restore positive emotions and ideas
  • Recognise who we are
  • Relax and learn how to breathe on a very deep level
  • How to stay connected to your body despite constant thinking
  • Art therapy is open to new and past participants.
  • Skills and knowledge of yoga or in art are not necessary. The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves creatively and to share their story.

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